May 14, 2009

6 A.M

yep...that is when my eyes rose this myself into bed again and stayed there til atleast 8 A.M.
Am a bit tired, and my back hurts....nothing like sleeping elsewhere that makes you really miss your own bed! (and my dear grandmother turns to me after breakfast...why dear you can take some of the matresses off!! I was like WHAT!!!)

The time is a bit after 9 A.M and the neighbours are drilling for mountain heat (for you who don't live in sweden, this is a different type of heating you can get) and the topic at the breakfast table was....oh the neighbours and how much my grandmother dislikes them. So i quickly ate my sandwich and took my tea to the computer, refuse to get my already sour mood even more sour.

My mission for today
  • not letting the IKEA bill get to high!!
  • finding my camerabag
  • definitly not getting broke in the process!! :))

Peace people