April 17, 2009

A friday suprise

Yesterday I got this note in the mail saying that I have a package to pick up at my postal service. I looked at the slip to see if it says from who it is from, all it said was "pan Nordic, Bromma airport", I wondered and wondered. I know i had order some equipment for my camera, buy were told they would send me an email when they do ship it! So that quickly flew by my head and I kept on thinking...seriously couldn't think from who it could be.
So today after work I went and got it...it didn't leave me any clues on the package either so no luck there. At this point I was getting frustrated on not knowing what it contained. Sure I could have just opened it right then and there or in the car on my way home...but NOO had to wait til I got home.

And guess what....it was the equipment for my camera!! Yeay!!! :)
Now the issue is, I can't see that they have withdrawn the money for it on my account... Do I wait it out and see or do I tell them?!?!! Dilemma....

Have to wait for that one, I have a pizza in the oven who is more important right now. ( and a growling stomach who needs attention! :) )

Happy friday