April 11, 2009

2nd day of Easter

Woke up this morning before the alarm....don't happen often I must say! But oh so good it felt, just to lay there and slowly feel every inch of your body waking up. And seeing the sun peeking through the curtains...a slow smile on your face and it just felt good.
Then the alarm went off, body jerked with fear wondering what the heck it was! I dozed off for a few minutes, shouldn't have...but oh well! Got up and had a leisurely breakfast infront of the tv...and remembered that I forgot to buy milk the night before so I would have for my tea tonight. (bummer) :) Did some fixing around here and then headed of to my Mom's house to do some yard work. We took two truckloads with trash, dirt, branches etc etc to the recycle station. Put on the pressure washer and cleaned the outdoor furniture, patio and after draining the little pond she has in the backyard...we cleaned that too! It feels all over, and I am extremely tired! A good tired, when you know you have been doing manual labor and feel proud for doing it.
Tomorrow I need to empty my balcony with trash myself to dump at the recycle station, buy a new zink pot and maybe some plants. But need to scrub my deck down from winters dirt and grease. Do some grocery shopping and maybe vacuum aswell.
All this before I head of with a friend for a nice hike. We will see how much will get down! :))

Okay I need to lay down on the sofa for a bit...hoping I won't fall asleep