January 11, 2009


There is a fullmoon peaking out in the sky tonight! Something magical to have a the moonlight shining through your windows at night. Now it doesn't help me being restless for the day. Woke up feeling restless, read this awesome lovestory at a talented girls blog. It so hit straight to my heart, it made you truly belive that the romantic gentleman you read about in novels do exist....yep it is true. You can go to her blog and read it for yourself, it is the story how she met and fell in love with her husband of oh some years now. http://thepioneerwoman.com/
Go check it out, plus if you need some tips on photography or photoshop she is your go to girl.

Now so I read her lovestory for a few hours, finally got up and took my christmastree down and all the other decorations. In a box they went and down to storage too. Did some cleaning in my closets, and trust me...they needed one to! Threw out some old shoes and handbag...yep I said handbags!!! So now I can fill the closets with some more shoes and handbags...:))
Then I went back to the Pioneer womans lovestory in my head and wondered about what to do with whatever it is I have going on. I have been waiting for a call or a sign of life for a few days now. Not really waiting more to see if I will get a response. See.. where I come from, if you call somebody and that person don't answer due to whatever reason....that person calls you back when he/she cans. Doesn't seem to be a big issue, right?! Not to me, but it seems like it is to a certain someone else. i just don't know what to do anymore....don't see how it can go anywhere, where you are being ignored.
Just some ramblings from me on this moonlit sunday night.