April 20, 2008

Pretty Woman

So it is sunday night....this weekend is almost over! And hell week at work starts tomorrow at 10 am!!! Just have to bite the hornet on this one!

Had a fun weekend!! The suprise on friday night, the girl chat last night, the playdate with the devils daugther today! Went out yesterday with a really fun group of girls, hanged out at my place for a preparty and then off dancing! Really fun!!! Although a tip to you guys....when a girl gives you a cold shoulder....she really wants to dance all alone!!!
Came home late, really late....and my feet were aching badly....and had to walk up the 6 flight staircase...due to someone hade been stuck in the elevator so it didn't work!!!! ( bloody hell i say )
Then the devils daugther, in disguise of my niece, came over.....man she really has ants in her diaper!!! :) Fun and so hilarious!!!
Am ending this weekend with a date with Richard Gere.....Pretty Woman is on tv and I just have to say I truly love that movie!!!!

Over an Out!!!!