April 7, 2008

An hour and a half...

Woke up today....rested and not so rested. My head or should say Brain was in hyper mood.....had a lot of thoughts going back and forth! So decided to go out for a walk with my Mp3 player.....and just sort the thougts through! Which led to me walking for an hour and a half, listening to "Daugthry" on repeat! :) Been thinkin on my life....is it what I wanted it to be..the answer to that is NO! But then again I am not sure what I wanted it to be.... Am turning 27 this year....doesn't feel like it though! I still feel like the young 20 year old that has the whole world infront of her....going across the Atlantic finding an adventure! Still feel like I have no clue what to do with my life, still feel like there is something out there I should do...but don't know what! Still feel misplaced....not as much as I felt back then, but some.
On my walk I walked passed a elementary school and saw these 2 girls standing behind a house corner and looking through a magazine....and at that moment I really wished to go back in time to that age and be a kid again. To just be and not have to worry about life and all its problems. To just be carefree and enjoy the day as it is! Just for a day....to get my focus steady I guess....just for a day. (don't think that is to much to ask...is it?)
Also thought on actions people make or do....have a thing with people making promises they can't keep! Seriously don't make a promise you can't keep.....it is not fair to the other person. They build their hopes up and then get crushed when that promise haven't been kept. It makes you feel useless and you question yourself!

Life is a puzzle....and it is up to you to place out all the pieces. Doesn't matter how long it will take you, there will always be a few left everytime you think you are finished! I am content with my life....have done much I think most haven't. Have a great supportsystem!!! ( you guys know who you are...:-) ) Friends and Family and have love all around me!

So Today I challenge you all to do something you haven't done before, or just something you normally don't do....

Want to get a happy feeling....?? Then listen to the clip below....it always makes me smile!

Peace OUT!!!