March 24, 2008

Venus Vs March

I got into this interesting conversation with a co-worker about men and women! Now you could almost see how this conversation went.....:))
But we were discussing textmessaging and how much he said that guys sit and decode every message we (girls) send! Now instantly thought back to my own textmessaging....i can't for the life of me figure out if I have ever sent a coded message before! Maybe that is true or maybe not....but YOU (guys) are not the best at it if a girl sends a message to you....don't just write a one or two word reply! We don't expect a long essay but at least a line or two....

How much you don't think about it, we are the same! (guys and girls that is) We both want the other part to call or act first...we are both nervous and we both can't wait to hear from the other part!

( and if you guys think that we (girls) are hard to figure guys aren't that easy either )

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