March 2, 2008

The day after....

Sunday night and i must say I have had a pretty good weekend.
Spent saturday at home and started my paintings! ( will post a image when i am done with them )

Went out saturday night with some co-workers, had a blast! It is weird though....everytime we do go out things happen! I am not going to go into details, some of you who read this will know what i am talking about!
Woke up late today....felt really good!!! Has been a while since the last time that happend. Did some everyday chores around the apartment and waited with suspense for Josefin to pop over....she was helpful enough to volunteer to teach me Photoshop!!! Can't for the life of me figure it out and now I have all these tools to i just need to get my creativity side out and start using them!!! So thanks a lot Honey!!!! Owe you big time!!! :))

Oh and I did buy the should get here by next week if I am lucky!!! :))))

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